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Poll Results - Findings from 2017 Think!Sponsorship Conference

The 2017 Think!Sponsorship Conference took place on Tuesday 25th April 2017 at Central Saint Martins, London.

Over 170 delegates took part in an interactive day that debated and discussed 10 key emerging sponsorship trends.

As part of the conference experience delegates were invited to participate in a series of poll questions delivered via the Event App. The results of these polls are documented below:


Q1: Is using sponsorship platforms and assets to support customer loyalty and retention a trend this audience thinks will become more significant?

Yes - 98%

No - 4%


Q2: From SSE to O2 & MasterCard we've seen music deliver effectively as a 'rewarding' platform. Does this audience think that music is a better platform - in terms of the asset offer it can provide to the sponsor - then any other medium (e.g. sport, charity, culture)?

Yes - 26%

No - 74%


Q3: Does this audience think we will see more energy sectors using sponsorship in this way (as a reward to customers) to stem customer attrition?

Yes - 86%

No - 14%


Q4: Does this audience think changing social and political times will see more charitable/business collaborations?

Yes - 84%

No - 16%


Q5: Does this audience consider the gap to be closing between sponsorship & corporate responsibility?


Gap Closing - 66%

Gap Widening - 3%

No Different - 31%


Q6: Are 'Purposeful Partnerships' more prevalent in challenging social times (political/economical)

More Prevalent - 87%

Less Prevalent - 13%


Q7: Does this audience believe the industry can robustly measure cause partnership to know the effect?

Yes we can measure effectively - 32%

No - we are not measuring robustly enough - 68%

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