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Think!Sponsorship connects the sponsorship industry through a broad offering that includes conferences (digital & live events), training (webinars, live learning, digital classrooms) and networking events. Our consulting division support organisations seeking to maximise their sponsorship potential through analysis, strategy, pricing and packaging work. We are committed to providing affordable information and ideas that enables sponsorship best practice.

Previous Events

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To get a bit more insight into our content take a look back at recent conference themes:


The 27th edition of the Think!Sponsorship conference took place on October 2nd 2020 and was our first foray into a fully virtual conference. Our programme explored the pivotal role of collaboration in creating meaningful sponsorship programmes via two different sessions, each lasting approximately 1.5 hours. 

In Part One of Collaborate: Digital we examined the outtakes of the Frontier20 survey, giving us an operating context for our subsequent discussions that including exploring the changing nature of sponsorship, the increased sophistication of objectives and the requirement for sellers to create bespoke solutions with creative activation plans. Via our in-studio panel discussion we explored how the marketplace has - and is -  evolving at rapid pace and the changing nature of sponsorship rights and assets. This session was run as a live panel discussion in the studio with sponsorship buyers and sponsorship sellers representing both ends of this spectrum.

In Part Two of Collaborate: Digital we explored two 'hot' trends as identified by Frontier20. Purposeful Partnership and Education/Community Sponsorship. Via two interactive case study presentations, delivered live in the studio we facilitated interaction between our contributors and our audience through the use of live Q&A as well as polling techniques. 

The Collaborate: Digital programme can be viewed by clicking here

To watch Part One of Collaborate: Digital please click here 

To watch Part Two of Collaborate: Digital please click here


The 26th Think!Sponsorship conference took place on Friday 5th April 2019 at London Zoo. Over 30 speakers contributed to our programme that considered the ever diversifying nature of sponsorship - both in terms of it's ambitions and also the platforms and initiatives that attract support. From inclusive initiatives, through to the use of influencers and new measurement and evaluation techniques, we discussed and debated a wide range of material across a dynamic and interactive day! 


The 25th Think!Sponsorship conference took place on Friday 27th April 2018 at the Kia Oval, London and was titled 'Expansion'

The conference programme considered and compared the enduring popularity of traditional sponsorship platforms and rights with an emerging 'sponsorship new guard' that includes employee engagement, the targeting of micro-communities, the currency of 'experiences', the virtual world and much more.

We debated and discussed how sponsorship supports objectives at both ends of this 'traditional' and 'new' spectrum whilst also questioning what role this leaves for the centre ground. The event programme can be viewed by clicking here 

Confirmed speakers included representatives from Etihad, Nissan, Tideway, Royal Bank of Canada, Orsted (DONG Energy), Bridgestone, Old Mutual and Deloitte. Around 30 speakers contributed to the event representing a broad spectrum of businesses and sectors. Over 200 delegates attended the event and this included sponsorship sellers (from the arts, charity, entertainment and media sectors), agencies (such as Cake, Four Communications etc.), and sponsoring businesses (representing investing sectors - e.g. telecoms, energy etc.) 

I wanted to drop you a line to congratulate and thank you for pulling together such an inspiring bunch on people on Thursday! I really enjoyed the conference

Hayley Huckin, Wales Millennium Centre

Thanks for pulling together a great conference. It was really interesting and great networking

Lee Dryden, Siemens

I think very highly of this event. Well organised and well put together

Dan Mathieson, Head of Sponsorship, Barclaycard

The conference was hugely valuable and one of the best presented virtual conferences that I have attended

Sandra Crewe, London Zoo, October 2020

Thank you again for Friday’s conference which was excellent. As always a great agenda, and lots of useful insights from the great calibre of speakers. And the technology worked well too - v slick production.

Tanya Rabin, October 2020