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Sponsorship Negotiation Skills

Well-structured, strategic sponsorship negotiations pave the way for powerful and effective partnerships. The art of a successful negotiation starts with a solid Negotiation Plan and an understanding of the essential variables that will likely be traded across the negotiation. 


  • Understanding & Optimising your own negotiation style
  • Creating a Sponsorship Negotiation Plan (template provided in-webinar)
  • Tradable Variables - the role of intangible sponsorship benefits in a successful sponsorship negotiation. Ranking priorities 
  • Tactics and Counter-Balances. Tools and Techniques for breaking 'deadlock' situations
  • Renewing Effectively and realising the value of your partnership
  • Negotiating for the long-term

This webinar is relevant to practitioners looking to feel confident and equipped for a strategic and robust sponsorship negotiation. 


This webinar can be viewed On Demand and lasts approx. 1 hour 15 minutes 

Costs & Access:

  • On Demand webinar cost: £85.00 +VAT 
  • On Demand Webinar Series Ticket - Pick any 3 webinars from our series  - £147.00 +VAT 
  • On Demand Webinar Series Ticket - Full access to all 6 webinars from our series - £249.00 +VAT 



Once booking is confirmed and payment is received, we will send you an email with access to our 'on demand webinars' via our member zone.


"Thanks for another really useful webinar today!"

Association for Cultural Enterprises

Thank you so much for the webinar series - I have really learnt a lot'

Chartered Accountants Ireland (June 2020)

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