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Frontier 2021 - Full Survey Results Released

In Spring this year we again partnered with MKTG Sports + Entertainment on their global sponsorship survey, Frontier,  which canvassed the views and opinions of sponsorship industry professionals across the globe. 

Over 600 responses were collected from 30 countries including the views of brands, rights holders and many others across venues, charities, the cultural sector and broadcasters.

Having previewed the top five outtakes from the survey at our 2021 "Connections Conference" we're delighted now to be able to showcase and share the full report with you which builds on those five key themes shared with "Connections" conference delegates which can be viewed by clicking here 

The report is packed with a huge amount of insight, data and intelligence relating to the evolution of the industry - a must read for all sponsorship professionals. Without spoiling the read (!) we'll highlight a few key areas that are sure to stimulate discussion!

- Changing Sponsorship Objectives: Greater focus, more targeting and diversification of objectives all feature as key trends and changes to the sector. Employee Engagement, Brand Value Transfer, and CSR all feature in the top 11 objectives of 2020/2021.

- Story Telling: 76% of respondents believe that the last year has proved that brands need to be more focussed than ever on story telling - a pre Pandemic trend that has amplified considerably in the wake of impacted live events. 

- Creating an Interconnected Portfolio: Whether viewed as sponsorships or
partnerships, there is no doubt that many brands are widening their portfolios to
include a multi-faceted approach of not only associating with a specific event, team etc. but to now include talent, corporate social responsibility, employee engagement, purpose and brand to brand to help them meet business objectives. 58% agree that brands are considering brand-to-brand partnerships & 60% loyalty and sales are key benefits of brand to brand partnerships. 

We've featured just the tip of the iceberg! If you want to get your hands on the full report (and we fully recommend you do) then email to request your copy!

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The conference was hugely valuable and one of the best presented virtual conferences that I have attended

Sandra Crewe, London Zoo, October 2020

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