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Think!Sponsorship connects the sponsorship industry through a broad offering that includes conferences (digital & live events), training (webinars, live learning, digital classrooms) and networking events. Our consulting division support organisations seeking to maximise their sponsorship potential through analysis, strategy, pricing and packaging work. We are committed to providing affordable information and ideas that enables sponsorship best practice.



We have synthesised our Sell!Your Sponsorship workshops into a series of one-hour webinars to support remote learning. 

There are two different ways to purchase tickets to our Webinar Events:

1) Buy Individual Skills Session via our On Demand Webinars 

Pick any three of our six different webinars and watch On Demand 

Costs: £85.00 +VAT (£102) or £75.00 +VAT (£90) for charities and not for profit organisations. Book via links below 

2) On Demand Webinar Series Ticket - Pick any three webinars from our series and watch On Demand

Costs: £147.00 +VAT (£176) Click Here to book 

(1) How to Build an Effective Sponsorship Pipeline:

This webinar focusses specifically on the key considerations for sponsorship sellers in generating a prospect list, approaching potential new partners and opening new leads. A practical and implementable guide to getting your prospect list into good shape as well as tips and techniques in relation to new emerging sponsorship categories and how to 'make the approach'

To book to access an On Demand Pipeline Webinar please Register Here: (£85.00 +VAT - £102 or Charity Rate £75.00 +VAT - £90.00) 

(2) How To Create An Impactful Sponsorship Proposal:

Creating a good proposal document is part art and part science. In this webinar we examine the 'must have' information that grounds all great proposals before exploring how you can add flair and character to your materials so they stand out from the crowd!

To book to an On Demand Webinar please Register Here: (£85.00 +VAT - £102 or Charity Rate £75.00 +VAT - £90) 

(3) How to Price & Value Your Sponsorship Opportunity:

The challenge of creating a robust pricing technique for sponsorship inventory is an enduring challenge for many sponsorship sellers. In this webinar we explore three pricing techniques, focussing our time on the benefits of The Audit Methodology.

To book to an On Demand Webinar please Register Here: (£85.00 +VAT - £102 or Charity Rate £75.00 +VAT - £90.00) 

(4) Creating a Sponsorship Strategy

Building an effective sponsorship strategy is the cornerstone for future partnership success and in this webinar we consider both what underpins an effective strategy, and how we can adapt to recognising the prevailing operating conditions of CV-19. 

On Demand: To purchase this webinar On Demand please Click Here (£85 + VAT - £102 or £75.00 +VAT Charity Rate - £90.00) 


Well-structured, strategic sponsorship negotiations pave the way for powerful and effective partnerships. The art of a successful negotiation starts with a solid Negotiation Plan and an understanding of the essential variables that will likely be traded across the negotiation. In this webinar we consider and share best-practice techniques for building a robust Negotiation Plan (including template), identify likely negotiation tactics and how to prepare for them before wrapping up with some tips and ideas for overcoming deadlock situations!  

On Demand: To purchase this webinar On Demand please Click Here (£85.00 +VAT/£75.00 +VAT Charity Rate - £90.00) 

Please note this webinar runs for 1 hour 15 minutes 


Identifying, understanding and valuing your digital assets is an increasingly important skillset for sponsorship sellers as buyers look to engage digitally with audiences, fans, communities and members. In this webinar we consider and audit digital sponsorship assets, we look at best-practice techniques in digital activation and consider how to price and package digital inventory.

On Demand: To purchase this webinar On Demand please Click Here (£85.00 +VAT/£75.00 +VAT Charity Rate - £90.00) 

You can buy an On Demand Webinar Series Ticket and pick any three of the recorded webinars for £147.00 +VAT (£49.00 +VAT per webinar). Please purchase by clicking here

Thank you so much for the webinar series - I have really learnt a lot'

Chartered Accountants Ireland (June 2020)

I give this training 10/10! It was a very interactive day.

Sofia Matich, National Gallery

Very good course - thorough and some great frameworks and methodologies to take away. Thank you!

Charlotte Pierce, Royal Albert Hall,

"Thanks for another really useful webinar today!"

Association for Cultural Enterprises

"Thanks for the seminar this morning, I found it very useful and it was particularly good for me that it was based on an arts events rather than sport for a change".

Underbelly (June 2020)

Many thanks for the brilliant workshop yesterday. Denise and I felt it was incredibly helpful to have an update on measurement and evaluation and also steering on pricing and emerging markets. Feel we can get to grips with our strategy now!

Helen Fox, Head of Sponsorship, The Kennel Club