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Think!Sponsorship connects the sponsorship industry through a broad offering that includes conferences (digital & live events), training (webinars, live learning, digital classrooms) and networking events. Our consulting division support organisations seeking to maximise their sponsorship potential through analysis, strategy, pricing and packaging work. We are committed to providing affordable information and ideas that enables sponsorship best practice.

Conference Content

Our 2020 conference took place on the 2nd October 2020 as a digital forum- is was titled 'Collaborate: Digital'. The event topics and contributing speakers can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

Download Here: 

Alternatively, scroll down this page to see the topics that were under discussion at 'Collaborate: Digital'.

For a sneak peak of footage from the event, please click here

Event Introduction: Catherine Hawkins, Founder, Think!Sponsorship

Topic One: Collaborative Trends

Our opening session set the tone for Collaborate: Digital and reviewed and reflected on the trend findings from the Frontier20 industry report—conducted pre and during CV-19.  Think!Sponsorship attendees heard exclusive findings from the 2020 survey.

Sandra Greer, Director of Insight, MKTG (pre-recorded in the studio followed by a live link Q&A)

Topic Two: Selling Collaboratively - Panel Discussion

As sponsorship has become more integrated so objectives have become more sophisticated and wide-reaching, calling for sellers to create bespoke solutions with creative activation plans. In the advent of CV-19 dynamism, flexibility and collaboration have become central pillars that underpin enduring and successful partnerships.  In this session we explored how the marketplace has and is evolving at rapid pace and the changing nature of sponsorship rights and assets. This session was run as a live panel discussion in the studio with sponsorship buyers and sponsorship sellers representing both ends of this spectrum.

Tom Whiteside, Manager—Sponsorship, Toyota UK
Stacey Bowles, Head of Development, Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A)
Tony Singh, Chief Commercial Officer, England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

The panel were broadcast live from the studio.

Topic Three: Sustainable Collaboration  ‘Give Nature a Break’ Campaign.

In sustainable collaboration we explored another of sponsorship’s hottest trends. As the market evolves and consumers show an increasing desire to purchase and support ethical, sustainably focussed businesses we examined how a nature-based partnership with an identified collaborative cause delivered impressive outtakes and inspired consumer loyalty.

Naomi Conway, Director of Development, National Parks

Gemma Chance, Head of Partnership & Purpose, Forest Holidays

Naomi & Gemma pre-recorded their presentation which was broadcast on the day, followed by a live Q&A conducted through the live link.

Topic Four: Community Collaboration

Substantial shifts in education sponsorship from the last decade to this have been dramatically compounded by the Covid-19 crisis.  In this session we explored how a revolution in education & community sponsorship have taken supportive brands from the classroom to the family home, and consider what long-term impact this may have on their brand perception in an era where consumers seek to engage with businesses with demonstrable social purpose (Frontier20 outtake). This session reviewed the NatWest MoneySense programme.

Mark Fawcett, Chief Executive, We Are Futures

Caroline Edwards, Sustainable Banking Lead, Financial Capability, NatWest (RBS)

Mark broadcast live from the studio on the day and was joined by Caroline on the live link for the Q&A.

It was really brilliant, full of insightful and relevant content. I have lots of sound-bites that I have been talking to my team about and will also be adding to our new strategy

Sara Bunting, English Heritage (April 2019)

Great to be at Think!Sponsorship conference today! Fascinating industry insight and debates on all things sponsorship!

Publicis Group (April 2019)

What an educational, professional and fun conference. You should be really proud. I enjoyed it greatly.

Patrick Pierce, Etihad Airlines (April 2018)

The event was fantastic!

Beth Noonan, M&CSaatchi (April 17)

A little note just to say thank you for organizing such an amazing event on Friday. I enjoyed it a great deal and have learned a lot in the process. I have also been able to connect with great colleagues

Francesca Doria, Museum of London (April 2018)

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