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Think!Sponsorship connects the sponsorship industry through a broad offering that includes conferences, training, events and our online sponsorship marketplace. We support organisations in maximising their commercial potential through our data, intelligence & consulting services. We are committed to providing affordable information and ideas to all types of organisations looking to develop best practice.

Sell!Your Sponsorship Courses

The ​Sell!Your ​Sponsorship ​Workshop ​series ​(fundamentals ​and ​advanced ​course) ​have ​been ​developed ​to ​support ​the ​sales ​needs ​of ​professionals ​working ​in ​the ​sponsorship ​industry.

Our ​fundamentals ​course ​- Sell!Your ​Sponsorship ​is designed ​for ​practitioners ​​who ​are ​looking ​to ​establish ​best ​practice ​in ​sponsorship ​selling. ​The ​course ​covers ​the ​cornerstones ​of ​effective ​sponsorship ​sales ​(developing ​attractive ​sponsorship ​assets, ​communicating ​the ​value ​of ​your ​audience, ​articulating ​value ​and ​developing ​a ​pricing ​model ​that ​works ​for ​you ​& ​proposal ​writing). The course is designed to equip sellers with enhanced skills and techniques that can be taken back and applied immediately in the sales environment.

Our advanced course - Sell!Your Sponsorship PLUS supports the professional development of individuals that are actively working with sponsors (or have worked with sponsors in the past). We consider in greater detail some of the themes discussed in the fundamentals course (e.g. pricing) and also delve deeper into areas such as demographics, evaluation, renewals, digital assets, sponsorship trends, structuring contacts and servicing sponsors.

If you would like to receive the course brochure for either course please email Both training courses take place in London.

Courses run from 09.30am - 4.30pm and course fees include refreshments, lunch and course materials.

A thoroughly engaging day. It's been incredibly useful

David Tatham, Associate Director, Corporate & Foundation Partnerships, Kew Gardens (June 2016)

This was a really great day. It confirmed things I believed I already new but also opened my eyes to working differently.

Ben Sharman, Head of Sponsorship, NEC Group

This was an excellent day

Rebecca Bentham, Museum of Science & Industry (June 2016)