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Think!Sponsorship connects the sponsorship industry through a broad offering that includes conferences, training, events and our online sponsorship marketplace. We support organisations in maximising their commercial potential through our data, intelligence & consulting services. We are committed to providing affordable information and ideas to all types of organisations looking to develop best practice.

Conference Agenda

'Expansion'  - 27th April 2018    The Kia Oval, London 

Think!Sponsorship conferences are a rich blend of networking opportunities, idea-sharing, interactive discussion and sponsorship intelligence. The following topics will be under discussion at our next event: 

Group Session: Keynote Presentation—Expansion

Our opening keynote address sets the tone and theme for the 2018 conference—’expansion’. We consider how traditional platforms are changing to meet current trends and marketing objectives juxtaposed against new platforms that have emerged to meet the preferences of millennial and Gen Z audiences. We debate and discuss a changing marketplace and consider the current social and political environment is shaping and influencing our sector.

Group Session: The Experience Economy—Case Study

Our first case study of the day puts the microscope against the modern event experience and questions how this mainstay of sponsorship is changing to react to modern expectations and the growing ‘experience economy’. 

Patrick Pierce, Vice President, Marketing Partnerships, Etihad

Breakout One: Technology Times 

Sponsoring businesses have long sort to include product experiences into the platform or opportunity they are associating with. In this first breakout session of the event we look at how this traditional asset has evolved in the advent of technology to allow sponsors to fundamentally enhance and alter the audience/fan experience, becoming an integral part of the experience. This session explores how integration of this type is valued and measured—from both the buyer and seller perspectives.

Breakout Two: The Business of Sponsorship

Sponsorship has the ability to pack a punch when in comes to delivering on business to business objectives, and arguably never more so than in a challenging social and political climate. In this breakout session we examine how activation strategies have changed in recent years in response to the 2011 Bribery Act and how this valuable sub sector of sponsorship may evolve in the wake of changes to data protection that lie ahead in 2018.

Breakout Three: Media Matters

The changing media landscape has paved the way for a new approach to sponsorship’s and partnerships using creativity, innovation and engagement to deliver  value to partners. Our third breakout looks at modern media and considers how the evolution in this vertical market is impacting on the marketplace overall.

Group Session—Asset Management—Panel Discussion

In our first session after lunch our dynamic panel debate and discuss the evolution of the ’traditional’ sponsorship model and discuss emerging marketing trends and their expected impact on sponsorship in terms of how deals are structured and which assets will garner the greatest popularity in the next couple of years.

Owen Hughes, Global Sponsorship, Nissan 

Nick Stocker, Global Head of Sponsorship, Deloitte 

Breakout Four: Influential Sponsorship

Partnership as a PR tool is no stranger to the sponsorship space. However, a changing communications landscape means that large-scale businesses looking to impact, influence and respond quickly need dynamic and influential platforms that immerse them in the heart of the community. In this breakout we look at how sponsorship performs as a PR tool in a 24 hour media  climate.

Breakout Five: The Cult of Personality

An insatiable desire for ‘celebrity’ has created a unique culture for bloggers, influencers, celebrities and ambassadors to work with brands and influence outcomes. From blogger Zoella to more traditional brand ambassadors the marketplace is exploding with possibility. Influencers are establishing and maintaining their own personal media platforms through social channels – offering reach and endorsement in a competitive brand environment. We examine how partnerships of this type are blurring the traditional sponsorship model and what impact this will have on ‘traditional’ sponsor platforms.

Breakout Six: Sustainable Sponsorship

Partnerships with a positive social outcome have risen to the fore in recent times arguably straddling ground somewhere between corporate responsibility and commercial partnership. We explore where partnerships of this type flourish best and deliver value to a myriad of different stakeholder groups.

John Sage, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Tideway 

Group Session: Sponsorship Talks—Q & A—Global Sponsorship

A mainstay of all Think!Sponsorship programmes our Sponsorship Talks session is a one-to-one interview with a leading sponsorship practitioner, designed in equal measure to explore a topical theme but also to understand their career path in the industry and seminal moments that have shaped their career.  In this edition of the conference we will be discussing how sponsorship performs both locally and globally mirroring the societal shift to globalization.

Group Session—Internal Challenges

Hotly tipped as one of the largest growth areas of sponsorship for 2018/2019 (Frontiers Report) this presentation/panel discussion considers how one of sponsorship’s ‘softer sells’ has come to the fore as employee loyalty, talent and engagement has moved front and centre in the partnership space. Can the industry step up and deliver value-solutions to businesses looking to support this key stakeholder group?

Elizabeth Llewelyn-Jones, Senior Brand, Partnerships & Events, Orsted UK (DONG Energy)

Nick Tuppen, Managing Director, Threshold Sports 

To download the full programme, agenda and timings click here 


Thank you so much for such a great event yesterday. I think the diversity of the attendees is excellent and makes for a very friendly and collaborative environment

Sophie Morris, Millharbour Marketing (April 17)

Thank you very much for a superb conference last week. I found every aspect of the day really interesting, useful and took away a lot from it. The event was incredibly well run throughout.

Jeremy Way, Chief Executive, Greenpower Education Trust

I really enjoyed the conference. It had a really lovely feel to it – very friendly and welcoming.

Matthew Leopold, Head of Sponsorship, British Gas

If you're not at Think!'re not in the loop'

Josie D'arby, Screen Nation

Thanks for pulling together a great conference. It was really interesting and great networking

Lee Dryden, Siemens

I really enjoyed it, I thought it was really well delivered.

Chris Rawlings, Commercial Director, Rugby Football League (RFL)

Just a very quick note to say what a wonderful day it was yesterday – I got so much out of it!

Kate Rhodes, Blue Shadow Marketing

Many thanks for a great Think Sponsorship event. Really interesting event and great networking.

Sarah Neill, Head of Partnerships, London & Partners

It was very good event, I very much enjoyed it!

Harriet McDonald, Head of Sponsorship, Transport for London

It was a great event and it was useful for me in terms of a number of contacts I made.

Jon Walters, Partner, Charles Russell Speechlys LLP

I wanted to drop you a line to congratulate and thank you for pulling together such an inspiring bunch on people on Thursday! I really enjoyed the conference

Hayley Huckin, Wales Millennium Centre

I think very highly of this event. Well organised and well put together

Dan Mathieson, Head of Sponsorship, Barclaycard